4 Generations of Quality Manufacturing

A & E History

John W. Lang, Daniel M. Lang (Founder) and Daniel D. Lang

Pictured from Left:
John W. Lang, Daniel M. Lang (Founder) and Daniel D. Lang

In 1932, Daniel M. Lang supplied his first customer. He was, at the time an engineer with Snap-on Tools in Milwaukee. Mr. Lang started producing thickness feeler gauges in his basement workshop in Racine, Wisconsin.

Snap-on Tools, then a young company, was the first customer for the new A & E Manufacturing Company. Today, some 80 years later, A & E Incorporated is the holding company for A & E Tools, Eckmann Custom Products, and Cabat, Inc.
Throughout the years A & E Incorporated has made several acquisitions that have helped the company grow through both market and product expansion.

A & E, now in its Fourth generation of the Lang Family continues to grow and expand in Racine, Wisconsin. From its humble beginnings at the height of the depression, the company has built a business foundation that will live on to future generations. It continues serving its many loyal customers in a variety of business markets and provides jobs for hundreds in the community.

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